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Welcome to the new Offtree Website

28th, November 2007

Offtree's news website was launched in November 2007.

The new website is designed for you the customer in mind.  Its an attempt to gather lots of detailed information about  yarns for the dispersed and highly focused UK textile manufacturing industry, but to present it in a clear and concise way.   Various links and suggestions should lead you from the overall picture to more concise details.   We are hoping that there will be things on this site that some of you did not realise we can offer.  

If there are any suggestions for improvements to the layout of the pages and links please let us know.   Peter and David.

Elasticated cord for UK face mask production­17th, April 2020
stock lot Cotton/Nylon 80/20% Open end Ne 16/1 Ecru ­8th, April 2015
Technical Multifilament yarns from Zimmermann­17th, March 2015
Ne 70/2 ply Cotton Combed Gassed Mercerised Colours­30th, January 2015
Flock Yarn & Fabric­30th, January 2015
Lambswool stock yarn­9th, April 2013
Cotton slub yarn stock offer­16th, August 2012
Viscose filament yarn­16th, August 2012
Recycled cotton yarn.­6th, April 2009
Wool / Mohair intimate blend for Carpets & Rugs. ­17th, July 2008
Great quality Austrialian 100% Wool yarns­18th, February 2008
Yarn count convertor­22nd, January 2008
Wool Rug yarn ­22nd, January 2008
Hemp­22nd, January 2008
Welcome to the new Offtree Website­28th, November 2007