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(d) Thuringer TWS

Worsted spinners of fine counts in wool and other blends. Counts up to MN120s. Yarns for fine weaving and circular knitting.  Ideal for modern light weight ladies and mens wear.   Fabrics can be made with lighter weight yarns than cotton system spun because of the improved strength and regularity of fine worsted spun staple yarns.   Luxury fashion fabrics from these yarns have more inherent stretch and a softer handle.

Luxury yarn blends of wool with fibres such as silk, mohair, cashmere.  Blends of Wool with Modal or Nylon or Polyester give advantages in cost and strength.   Peice Dyeing can create melange colours with certain fibre combinations.

Ecru only.

Applications: yarns for fine weaving and circular knitting

Spin system: worsted fine

Website: www.twsgmbh.de

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