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(e) Filature du Parc France

Woollen system spinners for fashion knitwear and woven cloth.  A Stock Supported Service.

 A Collection of over 50 qualities each with their own colour range shade card, all on stock for immediate delivery.   100% Wool and blends with acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, angora etc. Small lot service and own colour dyeing.  For 3, 5 and 7 guage flat knitting and socks.

General brochures and individual quality colour range cards available by post.   Parc can make your own requested blend or colour with a 200 kilo minimum.

New development of an eco friendly yarn made entirely from regenerated fibres, but you could never tell to feel it!.

Summer range of lighter colours in cottons and acrylics,

Applications: Flat Knitting, fully fashioned knitting, socks, carpets, rugs,

Spin system: woollen

Website: www.filatures-du-parc.com

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