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Fein-Elast Umspinnwerk GmbH

Fein-Elast in Germany produce a huge range of speciality elastomeric yarns. They offer both Hamel Elastotwist and Core Spun yarns.  Yarns are made from all types of stretch components with coverings from nearly all fibre types, both staple and mutifilament.  Ercu and coloured yarns are available.

Applications: Fully Fashioned Stockings
Technical Textiles
Medical Textiles
Warp Knitting
Ribbon Weaving
Circular knitting

Spin system: Covered yarns
Hamel Elasto twist yarns
Corespun yarns
Metallic yarns
Air Covered yarns
Twisted yarns
Knit-de-Knit yarns

Website: www.fein-elast.de

Yarn Applications