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W Zimmermann GmbH

Zimmermann. Yarns for the highest requirements

By combining the properties of several threads and fibres they produce yarns with a combination of unique characteristics to satisfy your specialist applications.

Zimmermann Medical Yarns

Enwound spandex and elastic threads for every compression class, developed individually according to your requirements.

Zimmermann Sock Threads

Ideal thread combinations for sock-tops that neither slide nor pinch.

Flat Knitting and Other Areas of Application Whether it is for flat knit goods, functional textiles for sport and leisure, bandages, underwear and corsetry – we stock the yarn for your products.

Technical Threads

We create function: elastic and inelastic threads for textiles with anti-bacterial, cut-, sting- and tension-resistant, antistatic, insulating, screening, heat-resistant or anti-ballistic characteristics. novonic® We are constantly pushing forward the boundaries of technical feasibility. From this challenge there arose our innovation department Novonic. Whether it is glove or jacket heating, screening against radiation or for data transmission – experience the symbiosis of textile and electronics.


Commission Dye,Twisting and wrapping of all Multifilaments . Commodity yarns at competitive prices with high quality processing.

W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG , Riederstraße 7, D-88171 Weiler-Simmerberg Tel: Mr Jürgen Gebauer +49 8387 9212-27 Email juergen.gebauer@zimsi.com

For further details and ideas please visit www.zimsi.com

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Applications: Technical medical functional textiles data transmission by threads antistatic antibacterial cut resist

Spin system: Multifilament twisting and winding of all fibres

Website: www.zimsi.com www.walker-garne.de

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