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Technical yarns

Offtree can offer every type of staple spun yarn, from every fibre available, either man made or natural.  Our spinners produce yarns for technical cloths, automotive, interlinings and industrial applications.   These yarns can be woven , knitted, braided or wrapped.  There is a full range of Elastomeric yarns from Fein-elast

Filtration yarns for cartridges.

We have access to testing laboratories to investigate and certify yarn properties.  One of our strengths is to be willing and able to work with ideas for yarns from our customers and work with them to produce commercial products.  

Combinations of Multifilament yarns for every end use. Elastic, cut-resist, electromagnetic screening, antistatic, heat insulating, power transmission, heat resist, melt yarns.

Supplied by: (a) Wagenfelder Spinning Group (b) Vlnap Fein-Elast Umspinnwerk GmbH W Zimmermann GmbH Yarntex Textil sl

Common Uses

weaving, knitting, filtration, braiding, warp knitting,

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