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Yarns for Socks and made up Socks

 Yarns in wool, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, acrylic and many other blends for all all guages.  There is a full range of Elastomeric yarns from Fein-elast

Woollen spun, worsted spun or cotton spun.  All colours availabe.Yarns for hand knitting socks with special space dyes. Top dyed solid shades, melanges and twists. 

Stock ranges from filature du Parc. 

The finest cottons up to Nm120 combed gassed and mercerised for the most luxurious products

Ready made socks in 100% Superwash wool from vlnap. 

Ready made socks in all qualities made with mohair - the best sock fibre-

Supplied by: (b) Vlnap (e) Filature du Parc France (g) Clasic Cotton (h) Mohair spinners of South Africa

Common Uses

Heavy duty to light weight socks. All styles, and guages.
Wool blends, worsted dyed, cottons and Mohairs

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