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Apparel yarns


Apparel yarns are supplied by nearly all our principles.  Between them we can make any staple spun yarn, blend, count or colour.    The spinning systems we can produce on include Woollen, all Fancy types and twists, Worsted and Semi worsted and Cotton system either ringspun or open end spun. There is a full range of Elastomeric yarns from Fein-elast

There is not a staple fibre that we do offer- from Cotton to Ramie to Lambswool, from semi dull Trevira to Polypropylene.  

Our spinners can offer nearly every conceivable type of fancy yarn such as slubs, boulces, neps, tapes, metallics, Ondees, Chinelle, gimps, eyelash, feathers etc.

Ecru or colours.  We can develop yarns for your own applications. 

The supply can be in large contract lots or one off individual orders.



Yarns are used for weaving on all loom types or flat and fully fashioned knitting

Supplied by: (a) Wagenfelder Spinning Group (b) Vlnap (e) Filature du Parc France (g) Clasic Cotton (h) Mohair spinners of South Africa

Common Uses

Ladies outerwear, Mens outerwear, flat knitting fully fashioned knitting, weaving, suitings, socks,

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