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About Offtree

Based in Yorkshire, Offtree supply high quality yarns, accurate delivery dates, regular reproducible quality at competitive prices throughout the UK.
Offtree has a select group of high quality spinners with extensive knowledge of nearly every type of yarn, fiber, spinning process, and weaving technique. 

We offer a broad range of yarns, including wool, cotton, and specialty yarns, available for prompt delivery. Our services include stock support, bulk contracts, commission spinning, and custom yarn development. We supply worsted, semi-worsted, woollen carded, fancy, chenille, and multifilament yarns and tapes.

we offer the widest possible range of spinning and processing capabilities is available to us so that we can supply all spun yarn types regardless of the technology, fibre, blend or colour. 

We're happy to deal in either small lots or large repeat contract call-offs. We have a huge variety of bespoke development yarns, trial possibilities and design ideas.

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