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 Spinning systems include Woollen spun, Semi Worsted and Worsted spun yarns.

We can offer all natural and synthetic staple fibers in 100% or multi-fibre blends.  Fibres such as super white New Zealand wool and British Wool are spun.  Polypropylene and Acrylic are popular synthetic fibres.  Nylon is used to improve the strength in blends.  Viscose gives a softer handle and more absorption for bathroom rugs.  Natural fibres such as Ramie, silk, linen and cotton can be spun.  

Dyeing processes include Stock dyed, package dyed or Hank dyed.

Heathers, Heavy nep effect,  Plains,  Hard Twists,  Stipples, Felted, Friese Supurba setting, Cabled.    All yarns can be heat set on Supurba or Autoclave. 

Supplied by: (a) Wagenfelder Spinning Group (b) Vlnap

Common Uses

Yarns for Machine Tufting, Weaving, Pass Machines, Bonding and Hand Tufting

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