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Circular Knitting Yarns

 We offer only the highest quality Cotton yarns for circular knitting machines.  Our specialties include Long Staple cottons and the spinners Gebruder Otto have in house gassing and mercerising.   As well as supplying ecru yarns for piece dyeing all the yarns can be package dyed to the highest standard in Germany.  So colour woven fabric can be knitted. There is a full shade range of colours that can be processed quickly and we can match any customer shade exactly in a few days. 

The cotton can be Organic only, Fairtrade only or both.  We can give a Certificate from the Soil Association GOTS The Global Organic Textile Standard for Organic cotton.  For Fairtrade the certificate is from FLO.  

For high quality high fashion garments the spinning company Thuringer TWS have developed a range of very fine worsted spun yarns in ecru especially for Circular Knitting.  The advantages of knitting with very fine yarns made by Thuringer on the worsted system is that light weight garments can be made from counts such as Nm64's, Nm80's or Nm100's.  The special spinning they have developed ensures a strong and even yarn even at these fine counts.  Yarns include Merino wool in 100% or blended with mulberry silk, nylon, polyester, ramie, mohair or cashmere.  Polyester Wool blend can be spun to Nm 120/1.   High twist yarns give a crepe effect.  Lycra can be introduced to give more elasticity. 

There is a full range of Elastomeric yarns from Fein-elast

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Mens and Ladies apparel.

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