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Upholstery & Curtains

 Upholstery yarns for domestic retail or contract must not only be attractive when first made but retain their appearance after heavy wear for years.  Technical parameters for these fabrics can ofter only be achieved with the correct yarn quality.  Strength, durability, abrasion resistance, natural stain resistance, colour stability and retention of appearance are all considered in our yarn selection. 

The spinning systems we can produce on are Woollen, semi worsted, worsted and Cotton type.  Popular fibres for contract upholstery include Trevira, Wool and nylon, polypropylene blends and 100% nylon 6.6.  Mohair is considered to be the most durable for pile fabrics for transport seating.   

Yarns that are made from Cottons and acrylic are used in fine velvets for curtains and cushions. There is a full range of Elastomeric yarns from Fein-elast

Supplied by: (a) Wagenfelder Spinning Group (b) Vlnap (e) Filature du Parc France (g) Clasic Cotton (h) Mohair spinners of South Africa

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